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Commuting to work IS work.

THE European Court of Justice has confirmed what many of us have felt for years that travelling to work “is work”.

I speak as someone who works largely from my home these days and I haven’t commuted regularly for four years.

However, I used to live in Leicester and complete a two-hour journey on the train into central London every day.

I had a young family and missed much of their growing up just earning a living. It was brutal.

Revolutionall and International Women’s Day

Today, 8th March, 2016 is International Women’s Day and at Revolutionall we celebrate all things female. We have gender equality written into our DNA.  Women undertake the same roles as males, get the same pay and flexibility as males, because we are all equally important and we all matter.

We have all heard of glass ceilings and inflexible work patterns that don’t enable women to play as full a part in business as possible. At Revolutionall World we value our differences but treat all as equal and we have made a #PledgeForParity (see below)

The fact that “IWD” follow’s Mothering Sunday so closely is not lost on me. My own mother has been a massive part of the journey that I have been on as Revolutionall World is created. She died almost two years ago to the day and she inspired me.