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Buying British and low emission makes sense, post Brexit

THE UK automotive manufacturing sector had yet another brilliant year last year, according to figures from the industry body, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

The UK car industry grew profits by 7.3 per cent and added 17,000 jobs. Vehicle production grew by 5.2 per cent to 1.7million units, with turnover a whopping £71.6billion.

What staggered me was the employment figures, with 814,000 people dependent in some way on the car industry and with 169,000 involved in the direct manufacture of cars, an 8000 increase over 2014.

Quite what the impact will be of the recent Brexit vote to leave the European Union is not clear.

Spring has sprung, all over the roads

Spring has sprung and the competition for your pound is fierce as you place orders, online, for that must have pair of budgie smugglers.

The usual “price led” offers dominate but I have noticed a strange development the same day / next day delivery which meets customers needs but is just madness. Retailers are so keen to get your business that they are offering shorter and shorter delivery times for products ordered online.

We have seen a massive shift towards online ordering over the last few years with retailers carrying less stock as a result of the economic downturn and the advent of “click and collect”. Customers are ordering more online and stores are relying on speedy deliveries to keep the customer by offering to “order it now for you and it’ll be here tomorrow”.

Driving is like burning fivers…

“There are none so blind as those who will not see”

It applies to us all. None are immune. We all, to a greater or lesser extent, live in a world of our own choosing, filled with self delusion and denial. Never is this truer than when we love deeply. We see only the good, and accept the bad. Provided the positive outweighs the negative we consider ourselves lucky. When the balance tips too far towards the bad many of us convince ourselves to stay true, to remain committed and to stick with it, despite all of the evidence pointing us to the exit. Our hearts are strong and, often when challenged, we fail to accept the inevitable. However, the facts don’t lie.

Our roads can be a ray of sunshine

If your job is filling in potholes on our roads may I humbly suggest you make your way to the job centre, or whatever the heck they’re called these days. Not because the money for doing this essential work has run out but because potholes are a thing of the past. I realize at this point you may be thinking that I am on some illicit substance. Stick with me here!

The world of road surfacing is about to undergo a massive injection of innovation. Solar roads.

Autonomous thinking leading us to destruction

We have all taken leave of our senses, in the headlong rush to autonomous vehicles. That is the conclusion I have been forced to reach over the last few weeks.

Cars and technology are two of my favourite things. I put them on a par with my lovely wife and coffee as the greatest things on the planet. Instinctively I should love autonomous vehicles and secretly I do.

I should be bouncing about with excitement at the UK Government’s latest couple of transport announcements that convoys of autonomous lorries and cars will begin trials along the M6 next year. I am not.

Scotrail adding 200 additional services from 2018

Revolutionall are delighted to see that our partners ScotRail will introduce 200 additional services from 2018 after being granted extra funding from the Scottish Government.
For the train spotters amongst you the funding means ScotRail can keep 13 three-carriage Class 170 carriages beyond 2018.
It will also allow Abellio ScotRail to run additional services for Tayside, Stirlingshire, Perthsire, Aberdeenshire and Borders after 2018, with 20,000 seats daily.
Transport minister Derek Mackay said: “The retention of these units will complement the arrival of our new high speed trains, which will allow for new and improved intercity connections.
“They will also make our rail network more resilient, creating opportunities to run faster services on key commuter routes and offering better connectivity for regional areas.”

Revolutionall working with Nissan – Take a LEAF out of our book.

Do you work in the central belt of Scotland?

Electric cars are here and now available at a reduced cost due to a partnership between Revolutionall and the award winning Nissan Dealership AF Noble in Edinburgh.

John Curtis is an ambassador for the Nissan LEAF electric car and has lived with one for the last six months. Now you can follow in his tyre tracks. John and Nissan staff can come in to your workplace and help you understand how an electric car works, how it can fit into your life and how you can save money both in buying the car and in running it. We have worked with such household names as the John Lewis Partnership, Scottish Gas and the University of Stirling to deliver this event to their staff.

The deal offers customers a brand new Nissan LEAF at the same price as if you work for Nissan, that equates to more than £5,500 off. You could pay as little as £179 per month. Additionally, it only costs 2p per mile to run a LEAF and with a range of in excess of 110 miles the time has never been better to give an electric car a try.

Revolutionall and International Women’s Day

Today, 8th March, 2016 is International Women’s Day and at Revolutionall we celebrate all things female. We have gender equality written into our DNA.  Women undertake the same roles as males, get the same pay and flexibility as males, because we are all equally important and we all matter.

We have all heard of glass ceilings and inflexible work patterns that don’t enable women to play as full a part in business as possible. At Revolutionall World we value our differences but treat all as equal and we have made a #PledgeForParity (see below)

The fact that “IWD” follow’s Mothering Sunday so closely is not lost on me. My own mother has been a massive part of the journey that I have been on as Revolutionall World is created. She died almost two years ago to the day and she inspired me.

Scotrail investing in the network of the future

The ScotRail Alliance is planning to invest £475m as part of its rail improvement programme to provide new trains, extra seats, improved accessibility and facilities to its passengers in the UK.

The seven-year programme will see either the refurbishment or replacement of 75% of the Scottish train fleet.

Transport Scotland and the ScotRail Alliance have also unveiled a newly refurbished Class 318 train at Milngavie station.

Over the next three years, 180 carriages will be added to the fleet, two-thirds of current ScotRail trains will be refurbished by 2018, more than 17,000 at-seat power points will be added and 346 more trains will be equipped with free Wi-Fi.