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You need to clean up your act over diesel.

IN MY not so humble opinion, diesel is the devil’s work.

We were told it was cheaper than petrol, took you further by miles and was the panacea for motoring ills.

OK, so your car sounded like a black cab but it was a better fuel – we could cope with that.

Then diesel became more expensive than petrol and petrol engines became more efficient, increasing the miles per gallon achieved, and questions started to be asked in some quarters about diesel’s long-term future.

Then the death knell was delivered. The World Health Organisation said diesel exhaust fumes are carcinogenic. They cause cancer.

Autonomous thinking leading us to destruction

We have all taken leave of our senses, in the headlong rush to autonomous vehicles. That is the conclusion I have been forced to reach over the last few weeks.

Cars and technology are two of my favourite things. I put them on a par with my lovely wife and coffee as the greatest things on the planet. Instinctively I should love autonomous vehicles and secretly I do.

I should be bouncing about with excitement at the UK Government’s latest couple of transport announcements that convoys of autonomous lorries and cars will begin trials along the M6 next year. I am not.

Driving is the new smoking – the silent killer.

Transport emissions kill more people in the UK every year than die from obesity and alcoholism combined.

It is estimated that 40,000 people every year die as a result of poor air quality from transport, say the Royal Colleges of Physicians and of Paediatrics and Child Health.

Just stop and imagine that for one moment. The highest crowd at the Everton football stadium last season was 39,598. Imagine each and every person in that stadium, wiped out in some unthinkable tragedy. Gone.

There would, rightly, be a week of mourning declared and tributes paid to each and every lost soul.

What about those 40,000 lost to breathing problems caused by transport? Nothing.