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Do we park it or solve it?

WHEN will research and development happen that solves some of the universal problems there are with moving people and things about?

There are a few problems that we all face when setting out on our journeys yet there appear to be few answers, despite huge financial and intellectual resources being thrown at the whole area of transport.

I get a “virtual” postbag every week complaining about the cost of petrol, congestion, a lack of parking, thoughtless and dangerous driving, and a myriad of other problems, yet answers sometimes feel a little thin on the ground.

Despite us being the most connected generation ever, we still don’t seem to be able to do the simple transport things well.

Revolutionall World – Transport, tech and a track in Falkirk’s Urban Quarter!

Let’s be honest, we all love a nice car/bike/train/coach/motorhome (insert your own transport vice)

Many petrol heads and transport geeks also love a bit of technology. Throw a 10,000 square metre visitor attraction, with a 1.2 mile track into the mix and imagine the fun you can have at the “home of the journey”?

John and Heather Curtis, the beauty and brains, you can work out which is which, behind Revolutionall World are people on a mission. Behind the unique business concept is the drive to save lives through better, cleaner transport and improving how transport serves the customer.

Heather explains “I have spent most of my working life improving processes from the customers perspective, making things easier, quicker and more cost effective for the customer and the businesses I worked with. Having worked with John, a passionate advocate for clean transport, we have brought project disciplines and processes to bear on a market in need of a complete overhaul. Transport hasn’t fundamentally changed since the invention of the car or even the introduction of the coach and horses.

New all weather Revolutionall track coming to Scotland

In Scotland it can get a tad cold. We get lots of rain with frequent snow and ice. LOTS of snow and ice. At Revolutionall we say “bring it on”.

What we know is that people want to test cars and vehicles when they have the time. That’s why when you visit us to test a few cars from different manufacturers you can ALWAYS get out on our track. You see we have given it a hot bottom.

Track and surfacing technology has come a long way in the last 10 years but our roads continue to use old fashioned and relatively cheap materials. Our world first track will use ground sourced heat and on site generated renewables to keep the track warm during the cold weather.