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Use your indicators or it’s autonomous cars for you!

The day when cars drive themselves – so-called autonomous driving – is a day I dread. However, autonomous cars should become mandatory for those who fail to use their indicators! You are spoiling my fun by ambling along only giving thought to you and yourself.

I love nothing more than getting behind the wheel and driving my little metal box about on a voyage of discovery.

Only last Sunday, I was coming back from a local purveyor of fine ice cream and I decided to discover where a road that I had never been down went.

It was a lovely, sunny, autumnal day and I had no particular place to go. So I simply turned the wheel and set off down a narrow country track.

Autonomous thinking leading us to destruction

We have all taken leave of our senses, in the headlong rush to autonomous vehicles. That is the conclusion I have been forced to reach over the last few weeks.

Cars and technology are two of my favourite things. I put them on a par with my lovely wife and coffee as the greatest things on the planet. Instinctively I should love autonomous vehicles and secretly I do.

I should be bouncing about with excitement at the UK Government’s latest couple of transport announcements that convoys of autonomous lorries and cars will begin trials along the M6 next year. I am not.