Smart Tourism

Green Tourism

There are  a few things you need when you visit Scotland;

  • Midgie repellent – a midge is a species of small flying insect, found in upland and lowland areas and can be a bit “bitey” (scientific name: Culicoides impunctatus)
  • Four different outfits for each day ranging from shorts and a vest top through to full arctic wear. It’s fair to say the weather can be “changeable”.
  • A camera – to capture those amazing views, events and attractions
  • A sense of humour.

You will also need to know:

Where to stay

What to see

How to get about

Where to eat, drink and relax

We have a beautiful country and we want it to stay that way. We’ll help you travel around Scotland with the least impact on the environment. You could hire an electric car or bike, travel by connected public transport or use our app to find the easiest way around and best things to see and do. Our app uses GPS to know where you are and iBeacon to suggest things you might like to see as you approach them.

Currently tourists need to use multiple timetables and apps which require you to understand exactly what you want and where you are. Tourists just don’t know this stuff or have the time to find out. We provide tourists to Scotland with a resource to plan journeys, visits, stop-offs and stop-overs linked to promotions, offers and insights that you can’t get anywhere else.