Revolutionall World – Transport, tech and a track in Falkirk’s Urban Quarter!

Let’s be honest, we all love a nice car/bike/train/coach/motorhome (insert your own transport vice)

Many petrol heads and transport geeks also love a bit of technology. Throw a 10,000 square metre visitor attraction, with a 1.2 mile track into the mix and imagine the fun you can have at the “home of the journey”?

John and Heather Curtis, the beauty and brains, you can work out which is which, behind Revolutionall World are people on a mission. Behind the unique business concept is the drive to save lives through better, cleaner transport and improving how transport serves the customer.

Heather explains “I have spent most of my working life improving processes from the customers perspective, making things easier, quicker and more cost effective for the customer and the businesses I worked with. Having worked with John, a passionate advocate for clean transport, we have brought project disciplines and processes to bear on a market in need of a complete overhaul. Transport hasn’t fundamentally changed since the invention of the car or even the introduction of the coach and horses.

Falkirk Council last week approved the creation of the “Urban Quarter” which will see the creation of jobs, and create a space in central Scotland for innovation and a focus for sustainable economic development, just the sort of innovative centre for Revolutionall to operate in.

Leader of Falkirk Council, councillor Craig Martin, said: “These exciting plans for a new sustainable urban quarter signal another step in the transformation of Falkirk’s economic fortunes.

“The gateway is a prime site to attract jobs, investment and development. There’s huge investment potential for developers across tourism, business and leisure.”

The council said its proposed plan aims to use low carbon technologies to build a more sophisticated infrastructure across the area that will enable further development, support traffic flow and attract private investment.

Site_masterplan_Falkirk_Zone1 oval

John Curtis, our Chief Exec welcomed the announcement saying ” we have been working with Falkirk Council to explore the possibility of creating Revolutionall World to capitalise on the tourist and business profile that Falkirk has recently enjoyed. Work is ongoing to secure a site within the “Urban Quarter” of Falkirk with a view to opening the doors to a wonderful world of transport and journeys in early 2018.”

At the heart of our centre is the joy and excitement of discovery.

John goes on “…  in the last six years I have seen the delight people feel when they discover just how good the new technologies for transport and the latest vehicles are. Our job is to bring transport alive and make it better, not by telling, but by showing.”


Revolutionall World are working closely with the Scottish Government, Transport Scotland and Falkirk Council to deliver the most significant innovation in transport delivery since the introduction of the car. With a fair wind and all being well you will be able to learn about, try and buy any low emission vehicle from Revolutionall as well as learn about getting better sustainable public transport. It really will be the “home of the journey”.

“Once we have demonstrated how good Scotland is we are off to conquer the rest of the world and show every continent a better “transport” tomorrow” said John