Revolutionall and International Women’s Day

Today, 8th March, 2016 is International Women’s Day and at Revolutionall we celebrate all things female. We have gender equality written into our DNA.  Women undertake the same roles as males, get the same pay and flexibility as males, because we are all equally important and we all matter.

We have all heard of glass ceilings and inflexible work patterns that don’t enable women to play as full a part in business as possible. At Revolutionall World we value our differences but treat all as equal and we have made a #PledgeForParity (see below)

The fact that “IWD” follow’s Mothering Sunday so closely is not lost on me. My own mother has been a massive part of the journey that I have been on as Revolutionall World is created. She died almost two years ago to the day and she inspired me.

Helen Curtis was a woman who ‘got’ people. A party girl, with a glint in her eye, she always wanted the very best for her boys. As her eldest, I was blessed to have her guide my first steps and to benefit from her people skills. She was only 20 when she had me and she worked hard her whole life to give me experiences, opportunities and she taught me that people matter. When I was a youngster she worked as a playgroup assistant helping mentally and physically disabled children get the best from fabulous experiences they would otherwise have missed out on. Her warmth shone through and the kids all loved her. They were not alone.

Mum at 18

Our very own C.O.O., Heather Curtis, is another inspirational woman. Hard working, dedicated and with an exquisite choice in husband, she has risen through the ranks of every job she has had to be one of the UK’s leading change managers and specialists in Lean Six Sigma. More than that, Heather is putting in place systems and processes to ensure that all team members at Revolutionall benefit from equality of opportunity.

I watched the brilliant movie Suffragette over the weekend and was struck by the struggles that women have faced in being recognised for their skills and what goes on between the ears.

Revolutionall is a place that values everyone not just in words but in deeds. Thank you to the women and men that make our world a better place.

To honour the women in my life we have made a #pledgeforparity to seek equality between women and men in all we do. Find out more about International Women’s Day and the Pledge for Parity HERE or make a pledge below.

Let’s bring a bit of balance to the world!