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Revolutionall working with Nissan – Take a LEAF out of our book.

Do you work in the central belt of Scotland?

Electric cars are here and now available at a reduced cost due to a partnership between Revolutionall and the award winning Nissan Dealership AF Noble in Edinburgh.

John Curtis is an ambassador for the Nissan LEAF electric car and has lived with one for the last six months. Now you can follow in his tyre tracks. John and Nissan staff can come in to your workplace and help you understand how an electric car works, how it can fit into your life and how you can save money both in buying the car and in running it. We have worked with such household names as the John Lewis Partnership, Scottish Gas and the University of Stirling to deliver this event to their staff.

The deal offers customers a brand new Nissan LEAF at the same price as if you work for Nissan, that equates to more than £5,500 off. You could pay as little as £179 per month. Additionally, it only costs 2p per mile to run a LEAF and with a range of in excess of 110 miles the time has never been better to give an electric car a try.

Revolutionall women – Bertha Benz

As you get into your car today may I suggest you cast your eyes to the sky and give thanks to a woman who was instrumental in changing the motoring world, Bertha Benz.

We all know that Karl Benz, Bertha’s husband, built one of the first cars in 1885. What is less well known is that Bertha was a bit of a minx. One day, in 1888, she took Karl’s new invention and went on the first long distance journey with it. She scooped up her two sons and undertook a journey without the permission of her husband or the authorities from Mannheim to Pforzheim, a trip of 106km. in those days journeys were very short and accompanied by mechanics and wagons to ensure safety and a smooth journey.

Revolutionall and International Women’s Day

Today, 8th March, 2016 is International Women’s Day and at Revolutionall we celebrate all things female. We have gender equality written into our DNA.  Women undertake the same roles as males, get the same pay and flexibility as males, because we are all equally important and we all matter.

We have all heard of glass ceilings and inflexible work patterns that don’t enable women to play as full a part in business as possible. At Revolutionall World we value our differences but treat all as equal and we have made a #PledgeForParity (see below)

The fact that “IWD” follow’s Mothering Sunday so closely is not lost on me. My own mother has been a massive part of the journey that I have been on as Revolutionall World is created. She died almost two years ago to the day and she inspired me.

New all weather Revolutionall track coming to Scotland

In Scotland it can get a tad cold. We get lots of rain with frequent snow and ice. LOTS of snow and ice. At Revolutionall we say “bring it on”.

What we know is that people want to test cars and vehicles when they have the time. That’s why when you visit us to test a few cars from different manufacturers you can ALWAYS get out on our track. You see we have given it a hot bottom.

Track and surfacing technology has come a long way in the last 10 years but our roads continue to use old fashioned and relatively cheap materials. Our world first track will use ground sourced heat and on site generated renewables to keep the track warm during the cold weather.

Revolutionall World up for 2016 Futura architecture award

Revolutionall World has been shortlisted for the prestigious MIPIM Best Futura Project award at the 2016 ceremony in Cannes, France.

Screenshot 2016-03-06 12.42.36

The award winning designer and architect Scott Lawrie of Curious Architects, penned the design after being inspired by the Tesla induction coil pioneered by Nikola Tesla in 1887.


Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 12.38.54

The design came from a simple brief for the new and groundbreaking Revolutionall World. CEO, John Curtis said “make it an organic shape, sustainable and able to be run in a carbon neutral way with just a little hint of “magic” in the design”. From Scott’s pen came the most wonderfully organic and carbon neutral building, set to wake up the world to the joys of better and low emission transport.


Scott Lawrie has previously won both the Dean’s List Award and an American Institute of Architect’s Design Award.

John Curtis, Chief Executive of Revolutionall World has never hidden his admiration for Scott’s work. “Scott and the team at Curious are incredible. We gave them what felt like a vague and difficult to interpret general direction and off they went. What they have delivered is nothing short of staggering”

Screenshot 2016-03-06 12.56.11

The awards are made a little over a week away and Scott will be in Cannes just in case Revolutionall World scoops it’s first award. He may also drink a glass or two of well earned bubbly.

Video of Revolutionall World, Scotland.

It is envisaged that the centres will be rolled out globally, over the next 5 years and be a centre piece for each host country’s journey towards low emission transport and clean green journeys.

Revolutionall World is GO, GO, GO! – Sneaky Peek

Many of you will know that for the last 14 months we have been working on the most fabulous project to bring Revolutionall and our visitor centre, “Revolutionall World”, to life.

From April 1, 2016 we will be officially launching our new venture but as a valued contact we are sharing a pre launch flavour of what we are up to with you!

With support from the Scottish Government, Transport Scotland, the European Investment Bank and our many partners we have secured £30m of investment. However, to unlock that money we need to raise an initial sum to enable us to buy a land and start the planning process. We are therefore about to start a crowdfunding campaign to raise £500,000 in just one month. More details will be announced ahead of our April 1 campaign launch.

Edinburgh getting it’s potholes filled in!

A DEDICATED squad has been created to carry out a £180,000 “blitz” on the Capital’s worst potholes.

Creation of the “pothole patrol”, which will focus on the city centre and south Edinburgh, comes amid warnings that an exceptionally wet and stormy winter has left roads in a worse state than ever.

George Street, the Bridges, South Clerk Street and Morningside Road are among key thoroughfares and arterial routes set for improvement.

Passengers continue to rely on staff

Passengers still value the ‘human face’ of staff on the ground despite all the new technology available.

The latest research asked rail passengers what they think about staff and the value they add to their journey experience.

This research found that:

  • Passengers value the guidance and reassurance that staff provide when buying tickets. However, this help doesn’t necessarily mean it has to come from behind a ticket office counter.
  • Staff are the human face of the railway. Their interaction with passengers, and the information they provide, particularly when journeys are disrupted, is important.
  • A visible staff presence makes passengers feel safer at stations and on trains.

Scotrail investing in the network of the future

The ScotRail Alliance is planning to invest £475m as part of its rail improvement programme to provide new trains, extra seats, improved accessibility and facilities to its passengers in the UK.

The seven-year programme will see either the refurbishment or replacement of 75% of the Scottish train fleet.

Transport Scotland and the ScotRail Alliance have also unveiled a newly refurbished Class 318 train at Milngavie station.

Over the next three years, 180 carriages will be added to the fleet, two-thirds of current ScotRail trains will be refurbished by 2018, more than 17,000 at-seat power points will be added and 346 more trains will be equipped with free Wi-Fi.


Alliance establishes Mobility-as-a-Service initiative

Ertico – ITS Europe has announced the launch of a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) providing a common approach that puts both travellers and goods at the core of transport services.

The Mobility as a Service common approach will be achieved through both public and private stakeholder cooperation and work towards a concept that puts the user, both traveller and goods, at the core of transport services. The alliance will offer tailor made mobility solutions based on individual needs. This means that, for the first time, easy access to the most appropriate transport mode or service will be included in a bundle of flexible travel service options for end users.