New all weather Revolutionall track coming to Scotland

In Scotland it can get a tad cold. We get lots of rain with frequent snow and ice. LOTS of snow and ice. At Revolutionall we say “bring it on”.

What we know is that people want to test cars and vehicles when they have the time. That’s why when you visit us to test a few cars from different manufacturers you can ALWAYS get out on our track. You see we have given it a hot bottom.

Track and surfacing technology has come a long way in the last 10 years but our roads continue to use old fashioned and relatively cheap materials. Our world first track will use ground sourced heat and on site generated renewables to keep the track warm during the cold weather.

Not only that we are utilising the very latest “porous” track surface which allows the water to flow through the surface below ground and is soaked away using an ingenious system of suds and drains.

The track will be available for customers wishing to do side by side comparisons of low emission vehicles from all of the major manufacturers, along with a few special classic cars retrofitted with electric drive trains. Imagine taking a Sierra Cosworth electric around that track in almost complete silence. Whether it’s the BMW i8,a  Tesla or a humble Renault Twizzy you will have the keys and the place to put them through their paces.

<Gets a slight trouser tingle!>

We will also have a safe track for youngsters to learn cycling proficiency, and to test out the very latest in personal mobility like the Ninebot one electric unicycle

Don’t bother telling me you don’t want to!

We are also planning to utilise the track for the Drone Grand Prix. Oh man, how crazy will that get?

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