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Commuting to work IS work.

THE European Court of Justice has confirmed what many of us have felt for years that travelling to work “is work”.

I speak as someone who works largely from my home these days and I haven’t commuted regularly for four years.

However, I used to live in Leicester and complete a two-hour journey on the train into central London every day.

I had a young family and missed much of their growing up just earning a living. It was brutal.

Driving is like burning fivers…

“There are none so blind as those who will not see”

It applies to us all. None are immune. We all, to a greater or lesser extent, live in a world of our own choosing, filled with self delusion and denial. Never is this truer than when we love deeply. We see only the good, and accept the bad. Provided the positive outweighs the negative we consider ourselves lucky. When the balance tips too far towards the bad many of us convince ourselves to stay true, to remain committed and to stick with it, despite all of the evidence pointing us to the exit. Our hearts are strong and, often when challenged, we fail to accept the inevitable. However, the facts don’t lie.

Scotrail adding 200 additional services from 2018

Revolutionall are delighted to see that our partners ScotRail will introduce 200 additional services from 2018 after being granted extra funding from the Scottish Government.
For the train spotters amongst you the funding means ScotRail can keep 13 three-carriage Class 170 carriages beyond 2018.
It will also allow Abellio ScotRail to run additional services for Tayside, Stirlingshire, Perthsire, Aberdeenshire and Borders after 2018, with 20,000 seats daily.
Transport minister Derek Mackay said: “The retention of these units will complement the arrival of our new high speed trains, which will allow for new and improved intercity connections.
“They will also make our rail network more resilient, creating opportunities to run faster services on key commuter routes and offering better connectivity for regional areas.”

Passengers continue to rely on staff

Passengers still value the ‘human face’ of staff on the ground despite all the new technology available.

The latest research asked rail passengers what they think about staff and the value they add to their journey experience.

This research found that:

  • Passengers value the guidance and reassurance that staff provide when buying tickets. However, this help doesn’t necessarily mean it has to come from behind a ticket office counter.
  • Staff are the human face of the railway. Their interaction with passengers, and the information they provide, particularly when journeys are disrupted, is important.
  • A visible staff presence makes passengers feel safer at stations and on trains.

Scotrail investing in the network of the future

The ScotRail Alliance is planning to invest £475m as part of its rail improvement programme to provide new trains, extra seats, improved accessibility and facilities to its passengers in the UK.

The seven-year programme will see either the refurbishment or replacement of 75% of the Scottish train fleet.

Transport Scotland and the ScotRail Alliance have also unveiled a newly refurbished Class 318 train at Milngavie station.

Over the next three years, 180 carriages will be added to the fleet, two-thirds of current ScotRail trains will be refurbished by 2018, more than 17,000 at-seat power points will be added and 346 more trains will be equipped with free Wi-Fi.