Are you a wolf or a sheep?

There is nothing wrong with being a sheep.

What would our green and pleasant land be without the Scottish Blackface or the Cheviot? Let’s be honest, they are cute, keep the grass short, make fabulous jumpers and taste fantastic (apologies to the veggies).

We all need sheep.

What never fails to amaze me is how many businesses continue to operate with no understanding of the opportunity afforded to run more efficient and competitive operations. Sheep follow blindly, no matter the conditions and most meet a grizzly end. Sheepdogs, on the other hand, respond to guidance, take direction, match instinct with courage and guile. If it was a straight cerebral duel between a dog and a sheep, my last 50p would be on the sheepdog every time.

I was with Scottish Gas recently demonstrating the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs) to their staff.

What a business Scottish Gas is! They have solar panels on the roof which feed power for their fleet of electric vehicles. More than that, they have a bio garden AND a mobile dance mat that generates electricity the more you “get down”. Corporately they get it. Low carbon, low emission energy and transport is linked and is an ethical and business “no-brainer”.

I wondered if the staff got it, when I visited with my LEAF, nicknamed Lily for she is white!

Scottish Gas LEAF

The staff at Scottish Gas were knowledgeable, friendly and genuinely interested in learning about the LEAF and the benefits of driving something that only costs 2p per mile.

Having driven the very best vehicles on our roads powered by all types of fuel people were interested to hear my thoughts on EVs.


We were able to arrange a number of test drives for staff, lasting 2-4 days to give them a real feel for what it is like to live with an EV. All I know is that once you have experienced it, there is no going back.

That’s not to say that living with an EV is easy. Knowing which charge leads you need, what charge “club” to join, where the chargers are, how to use them, because it’s not instinctive, and what to do when the darned chargers aren’t working are all part of the initiation.

All I know is that with a good vehicle, good support from a cracking dealer and a little bit of courage many people can make huge savings and a meaningful contribution to reducing transport emissions.

If you want to wear a wooly jacket, I understand that. If you fancy life as Shep give us a shout. We are the EV Shepherds and we will keep you right!