About Us

We have a team anthem at Revolutionall thanks to Chumbawumba. Life is a challenge and those that succeed need huge amounts of resilience coupled with passion and drive. We have passion, drive and resilience in spades. We are here to make change happen and we know it won’t be easy, but the things worth doing rarely are.

One of our founders, John Curtis, worked as the Head of Sustainable Transport for the Scottish Government and he wrote many of the policies that act as a framework for the migration to low carbon transport. He realised that despite great policies without advocates, helping people to understand the changes necessary, transport would never reach the levels of emission reduction envisaged or required.

He had imagined a world where transport was better. He knew that 30,000 people every year died in the UK due to poor air quality and one of the biggest causes was dirty cars, vans, lorries and fuels. He knew that the technology existed to reduce and ultimately replace our inefficient vehicles and improve how transport works. He also knew that people were ill informed about the options and had problems accessing new tech and vehicles to try. Car companies found new tech harder to sell, so they continued to sell diesel and petrol. Why waste time selling a new thing and make no more money than doing what you’ve always done? The obvious question was “would I invest tens of thousands in a  new car I couldn’t test drive or see”? There had to be a solution.

So, off we went on our merry journey, starting with a feasibility study, supported by ECCI, Transport Scotland and Scottish Enterprise into low emission technologies to see if the business case could stack up for helping people and businesses to experience and buy better, cleaner connected vehicles and transport solutions. The result was a plan for Revolutionall World.

Since 2012, a small dedicated team have been battering down walls, knocking on doors and continuing to champion the vision of a more sustainable transport system.

Whether its walking, cycling, public transport, electric and hydrogen cars, transport tech and systems doesn’t really matter. What matters is that people need to move about and we need to deliver stuff. As more congestion hits our roads we, as customers, need more information about the options and more access to better solutions.

Revolutionall World will demonstrate the very latest transport and associated technology and will be full of experts who know their stuff and are hungry to help you discover better ways to transport yourself and your stuff.

We have discovered that a lot of people just want to talk about change. There is a whole industry made up of people “foresighting” the future. What we need are people who can make the future happen today, in the real world. We turn talk into DO!